Additional Spells


Armor of Faith

Cleric 1
Range: Touch
Duration: 2 Rounds + 2 per Caster Level

This spell is effective only upon those individuals of the same faith as the cleric, who are also wearing metal armor. The spell temporarily imbues them with holy might, turning them into “holy warriors” with hit point and Armor Class benefits based on the caster’s level. The cleric casting the spell can affect one person for every two levels of experience (round up), to a maximum of 5. For example, a 3rd level cleric can affect two, while a 9th level cleric could affect 5. The spell duration is two rounds, plus two rounds per caster level.

This rarely-known spell may only be learned through prayer in a holy sanctuary, such as Lah’s Retreat.

Caster’s LevelHit Points Below 0Armor Class Bonus

Holy warriors fight without penalty at negative hit points, but if they go below that number, they die immediately with no chance save from death. Holy warriors at negative hit points following the spell expiration return to zero hit points and immediately roll on the death table.